The Chand Baori, Rajasthan.

I have been on the road from Agra for around 2-3 hours by now. I am traveling East to the province of Rajasthan on the Jaipur to Agra road. It's a long, hot and dusty journey. I have a window seat though and a packet of green chutney flavoured Kurkure snacks. Kurkure is a kind of the Sub Continent version of spicy Twisties. They taste great but eating too much can result in an upset stomach. It happens.


I don't know much about the Chand Baori. I know that I have seen Christoper Nolans, 'The Dark Knight Rises' and in the pit scene in the movie they have step well scenes that were actually shot in the Chand Baori.


I have now arrived to the village of Abhaneri. A small village, but I was told it was once a site of a bustling city 1200 years ago. The Chand Baori is a giant stepwell located in the city and is just as old. It seems much bigger than it looks in the pictures. As you get lower in the ground you get more access to ground water. The air in the bottom of the well is much cooler than on the top. Supposedly aristocrats back in the ancient era were the only people allowed to swim in the water catchment and they used to hold social events there too as it was a refuge from the hot weather.

It is amazing place to see. It is in such great condition for its age. I marvel at the people who built it. Such a strong structure that really stood the test of time. I could not help think at the time of what structures built during my era might still be around over a thousand years from now? Would Kurkure snacks still exist then?