Awaiting the Storm – Cottesloe Beach.

It had been a hot and lazy Sunday. One of those typical Australian Sundays where you leave the cricket on in the background for most of the day. I'm on the couch reading a book. I managed to catch wind of a heavy cloud front that was about to break land from the news. The thought of heavy cloud fall on a hot and humid day started to arise some interesting thoughts. The possibility of some awesome cloud formations? This, and who knows? Maybe even some lightning?


As you can tell, it is quite rare that I shoot landscapes or seascapes with an empty sky. Well this may not apply when taking astrophotography, but during the day I love the look of a good cloud formation. Clouds are so large. They make us mere mortals such as myself feel tiny and just a slave to there bidding. I love how clouds can break the light. Sometimes they block the sun and diffuse its light making it soft and hazy. On sunsets or sun rises they sometimes can absorb the heavier or more intense colours from the sun. They are great, and as you can tell they are a big part to my photographic process. With news of this cloud front arriving by the end of the afternoon of that day I decided to go to Cottesloe to try and photograph something fun.


I arrived at Cottesloe that afternoon and to my surprise the area was fairly empty. Actually I shouldn't be surprised. It was going to be a stormy end to the day and most people would probably want to spend it in the shelter of there dry homes rather than out and about in a storm. The wind speed was fairly non existent. In an eerie way. It felt like the calm before the storm. When I first got out of my car I could see the cloud cover approaching. Large, menacing, dark and ready to release its rain. I only had a short window. Around 30 minutes to shoot what I could because I could already smell that steamy, humid, rain smell carried by a slight gust of wind. I took my shots and by the time I could feel the slight cool pre rainfall sprinkles on my face I was on my way to my car.


I closed the door shut and just waited. The rain suddenly came in all its glory. I decided to stay for a while. There is something soothing about the sound of rainfall. It brings back memories of growing up in Malaysia as a child during the winter months. A lot of Malaysia is in rainforest country. When it rains, it rains. The sound of rain hitting the roof is so relaxing. I not alone, in this. I have met others who are the same. Maybe it’s a evolutionary biological trait that humans evolved through time to appreciate. To feel safe and relaxed under shelter. Maybe those people through time who had this characteristic had a higher chance of survival in shelter and thus were more likely to pass on their genes. Who knows? Im no scientist. Maybe I just miss the winter months in the place that I grew in up as a child.