The South West Coast of Australia.

Though I have been to this part of the island on a number of occasions now. It was the first time that I managed to bring my new camera and wide angle lens. I stayed in the coastal town of Denmark, in the South West of Australia. There are a number of beaches here all accessible by car or by hiking on Ocean Beach Road.

I was here in Spring. The weather during my stay was wild and windy. I love the beaches in Perth. I feel so lucky at times to live there, but there is something special about the beaches outside of the city. Especially in this part of the country. Once you leave the city of Perth in Western Australia, the population density plummets. It's full of wide open spaces with few numbers of inhabitants. The size of the state of Western Australia is huge, it can fit a many number of European countries land masses at the same time and has the population of less than 3 million people, with over half of that in the capital city, Perth.


The beaches here are truly something. It feels at times that you have the place all to yourself. It is one of my most favourite seascape places to photograph.

The emptiness of the beach and that feeling of solitude are things that I feel best describe what is like to photograph here. When the weather decides to rage, the winds are strong and have a hard, piercing cold feel to it. There are many beaches that are great for long exposure photography. When shooting long exposures on the beach rocks I would sometimes find myself just staring into the water, enchanted and slightly hypnotised by its rhythm. Rising, crashing and flowing water onto the rocks with such force. The waters remind me of a washing machine and no matter how beautiful it looked, I did not want to find myself swimming in it. If you are photographing here be careful of your surroundings and make sure you are not completely by your own.


If you are living in Perth, Western Australia, it is not that far to travel and honestly not that expensive to get to either. They have a 4-5 hour coach that you can catch from Perth city to get here. It is great if you are looking to photograph some amazing views, pristine beaches and the restaurants and cafes around the area are awesome too.