Portraits of Jason Masters

I shot this series of portraits in a garage of a friend of mine. He used to have chickens and as a result his garage is covered in hay. After experimenting with back lighting and side lighting I decided just to shoot with one light source, an umbrella diffused Elinchrom 500 from high in front of the subject.

I wanted to go for a monochromatic type of shot. Jason was wearing all black and I felt black and white would have suited the scene and his skin tones. All my shots were shot on a Nikon APC sensor camera with a 50mm Zeiss Planar f1.4. I love using this lens. It design dates back 1896. Yes that is right , 1896. The design is over 100 years old. The lens is only manual focus but the images, the way it handles light and the way it shapes people really work well for the style work that I do.

Jason Masters Blog Post-4.jpg